Personalised Christmas Cards


Have you ever wondered about the distinctions between ‘Custom Made’ and ‘Bespoke’ products? Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a distinction in their meanings, particularly related to the extent of personalisation and the nature of the product. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

1. Custom Made:

  • ‘Custom-made’ products are typically created with a certain degree of personalisation, but they may not always entail starting from scratch:
  • For instance, with custom-made Christmas cards, you might choose from pre-existing design templates, fonts, and colours, then add your personalised message or elements.
  • Custom-made often offers choices within predefined options, enabling customers to personalise a product to a certain extent.
  • They are generally less time-consuming and cost-effective compared to bespoke products.

2. Bespoke:

  • ‘Bespoke’ refers to products that are entirely tailor-made from the ground up to meet your unique specifications and requirements.
  • In the context of bespoke Christmas cards, this means collaborating closely with our designer to create a card design, message, and layout that is entirely unique and crafted specifically for you.
  • Bespoke products are highly individualised and can be designed and crafted to meet your most detailed and specific preferences.
  • They are often associated with a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • However, they may require more time and are often have different price tag compared to custom-made or off-the-shelf options.

Both, custom-made and bespoke products offer personalisation. However, ‘bespoke’ implies a higher degree of uniqueness and customisation compared to ‘custom made,’ which often involves personalising within predefined parameters or templates. Your choice between the two depends on the level of personalisation and your assigned budget.

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